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reverb channel buzzing really badly


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I totally don't remember you even having this amp! In terms of help, I have none for you. I agree with Chris though... clean your knobs. That what married life offers you now ;)

really? it's the only amp i've ever had. i'm sure it even lived at your flat for a while. ah well.

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on my fender performer. anyone got any ideas how to fix this? it seems to cut out when i change touch the knob and gets louder the more reverb you put on. it's quite annoying.

i dont know this amp, but first thoughts are:

1. are the knobs metallic/ conductive?

2. if it is a spring reverb module it will have one screened line in one one screened lineout, i'm guessing you are missing a ground, hence the buzzing. if you have a digital volt meter (bloody cheap these days -maplin for a tenner) you could test the continuity of the lines to the reverb....

alternatively all of the above could be crap....

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