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Winter Wwunder-Land?


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Has anyone been following the story of the fiasco at "Lapland" in the New Forest?


Where for 25/30 a pop, you can be awed by:

The Nativity


The Tunnel of Light


The Christmas Market (admittance extra)


Just like being in Lapland itself ("We can assure you of an absolutely magical scene... just look how real and cold the 'snow' appears to be.")


Husky dogs and other animals


The Magic of Christmas (this just sums up so many christmasses to me)


The "Helpful Elves":


Whilst it goes without saying that it is sad about the shattered hopes & dreams of many young kids & awful how so many folk have had their hard-earned cash lifted.

There is something quite utterly & untintentionally hillarious about the whole thing. :D

BBC NEWS | England | Dorset | Hundreds slam Lapland park 'scam'

Santa and three elves attacked at fake Lapland - Telegraph

If you can bear with it, the thread on Moneysaving Expert also has some hidden gems - Especially @page 8 or 9 when someone, almost certainly a stooge for the promoter turns-up & claims the whole thing is wonderful! :D

Lapland New Forest Scam. How to get money back... - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums

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