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Acoustic Guitar Buying

Rusty Deathnail

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Hey all,

Just looking for any friendly advice on buying an acoustic guitar.

A mate's girlfriend is wanting advice as she wants to buy her partner one for Xmas. It's a tight budget of around 150.

Plenty of Yamaha's for sure but I kinda think he'd like something a little different.

He also plays fairly often live so I'm thinking an electro-acoustic. He won't get around to installing a pickup for a very long time so I thought I'd save him the hassle.

Best I could find so far is Tanglewood Evolution TW28-SLN Electro Acoustic at 179.

Freshman were also recommended to me but I think they're a little out of the price range.

Any help or thoughts are much appreciated!

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I've got one of the cheaper freshmans and it's pretty good, if she can find one within her budget then it'd do the job.

I'd guess as long as the names trustworthy (like Tanglewood) then it should be ok, just avoid things like Hohners or other budget shambles. Maybe you can go with her when she's shopping and try some out for her, give an informed opinion.

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If you have a look at Andertons Music Company - Guitars, Amplifiers, Pro-audio, Keyboards, Drums, Recording. Fender, Gibson, Pearl, Line6, they have a few items around that price range. I saw a Squire Telecoustic which might be not bad and a couple of Washburns. I have a Washburn electro-acoustic and it's pretty good. The preamp is not bad and it stays in tune really well, only downside for me is the tiny neck.

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How much did you pay for your freshman chris?

I think mine is an FA200 or something and was about 220, but that was when R&B first got them in a few years ago. Imagine the range is bigger now, they're certainly more widespread so there should be bargains to be had somewhere.

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Just would never have thought of them as a first choice. They are not a brand name which leaps out at me and says quality acoustic craftsmanship but if they sound good, you can't fault them.

With all due respect, you're not gong to get "quality acoustic craftmanship" for under 200.

That said, I had a Yamaha before I got my Gibson J-45, I think it was an F401 or something, and it was a damn good guitar. Ended up selling it on here for 50 quid. Was there 1,000 of a difference between it and the Gibson? Probably not, although the J-45 is an amazing sounding thing.

Anyhoo, I would say you're not going to get into "quality acoustic craftmanship" territory before you get to a Taylor Big Baby, but as a general budget guitar, the Yamahas are good.

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