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Car Seat wanted

Guest Hobo

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Do you mean a childs car seat ?.... or a new seat for your car ? LOL

(think you need to be a bit more specific)

I have a childs car seat in v.good condition, if that's what your after ?

Looking fir a car seat :) doesn't need to be in good condition just not ripped/stained

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I cant understand why you would need somewhere for your car to sit????

Its not for the car to sit on o_O

I'm pimping my ride

From this


to this


although admitedly with more comfortable seats :love:

or maybe its to make a new computer chair :rockon:


yes its a chair screwed to an old pallet with setee wheels on the bottom :D

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Ok so why didnt you say so?

Take a wee trip to Persley breakers yard take a sellection of tools with you 8&10mm spanners an adjustable spanner and some screw drivers should cover it, go round the scrap cars and select a suitable seat, remove and pay for.... they are cheap as fuck.

I would check that the seat is mounted to a flat surface, its not unusual for the front mount to be on a raised cross member.

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Guest Tam o' Shantie

MK 1 Fit Panda I believe,

note the absence of wing mirrors and Mercedes style single wiper arm to keep cost down, also the spare wheel is stored in the engine bay

...or is is the engine in the spare wheel well? :S

I will eat my hat if he owns that car.

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