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Guest iamnotlefthanded

Hello to you Scottish person!

We're an Irish band, I Am Not Lefthanded, living in London where nobody likes us, and all the people who say anything nice about us seem to be Scottish, so we're coming North to see if you're just a nation filled with excellent people who get what we're trying to do.

We're playing a few shows near you next week:

10th Dec - Pivo Pivo, Glasgow

11th Dec - Paisley Student Union

13th Dec - Forest Cafe, Edinburgh

14th Dec - The Tunnels, Aberdeen

We've been summed up as 'Suzanne Vega fronting Snow Patrol' which we don't entirely agree with, but nor do we entirely disagree with. It's puzzling.

Have a listen to our music on I am not lefthanded or myspace.com/iamnotlefthandedeither and if you like what you hear, come have a listen live (we're a little messier, but also funnier, so it works out on balance).

That is all,

- Kathryn, Daniel & Benji


I Am Not Lefthanded

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