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andrew bird.../ daytrotter sessions...

Steven Milne

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check out - (im probably late to the party)

andrew bird

heres some free stuff to get you started

Andrew Bird featuring Dianogah Daytrotter Session

heretics is another favourite but...

i think the dayrotter version of plasticities is the most beautiful thing ive ever heard - and all solo with loops etc!

check it out live:

YouTube - Andrew Bird - Plasticities at Coachella 2007

YouTube - Andrew Bird - "Plasticities" - Live at Amoeba Records

he played last years trypyich and i couldnt go - gutted.


p.s - the daytrotter sessions website is amazing.

the walkmen, national and the changes sessions in particular.


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Yeah, I'm just getting into his stuff but it's freakin lovely. I've been listening to Soldier On quite intensively. Hoping to pick up some more before Xmas. Didn't realise he played up here. Now I am gutted!

I'll check out the National daytrotter session for sure! Think I picked up a Shellac session from there eons ago. Forgot to go back.

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i cant stop listening to it,

im not sure why,

the whistle sound is like that sawing sound mercury rev have on deserters songs which does the same effect to me - i think its the time of year, inability to sleep and other recent events which mean im hooked on it even though its quite sad music...

very pretty tho.

just found some more on my itunes id forgetten about, fiery crash is sublime and another called lull

gutted i missed that lemon tree show. gutted.


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