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Coming and Going @ Peacock Gallery


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A Sawer in Half production

Monday 15th December

Appearing at Peacock Gallery are: Julie anne McCambridge, Welfare Mothers, Kathryn Sawers and the Jannes van der Waal Appreciation Society.

Price 4.Doors 8pm.

Julie-anne McCambridge - Stars & Mud by Julie anne McCambridge -

Welfare Mothers MySpace.com - Welfare Mothers - Aberdeen - Alternative / Country / Surf - www.myspace.com/welfaremothers

Kathryn Sawers

Jannes van der Waal Appreciation Society

MySpace.com - The Jannes Van Der Wal Appreciation Society - Aberdeen, UK - Alternative / Other / Other - www.myspace.com/thejannesvanderwalappreciationsociety

In addition to all that coming, there is some going: this will be John Hekert's last gig in Aberdeen since he is going back to Holland on the 19th December. So come along if you wish to say goodbye, and hear him play, one last time.

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Come on, this deserves a bit more attention!

Even if only for the mere fact that it's Kathryn Sawers organising this one.


yep, kathryn is organising and running it, thats one reason to support it and go along. another is that it will be the last ever welfare mothers gig.

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Guest idol_wild
if you like we could manufacture a guest list with your name on it?

let me know


Ooooh, that would be nice, but I really like to pay my way - I don't like blagging freebies when it is someone organising it off their own back.

Let's strike a deal: stick me on the guestlist and I'll review the gig for is this music?.


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