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Pre-punk 70's band reformation. Any guesses?


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an article with legendary concert promoter Rob Hallett and he says:

I do have another reformation up my sleeve that I can't talk about yet that is going to please a lot of people of a certain age.

If you were a teenage boy in the pre-punk '70s you're going to be very excited. The announcement of that isn't a million miles away. Outside of Led Zeppelin, this is probably the biggest reformation you can hope for.

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Bringing the stars to the stage

I've been racking my brains but can't think who on earth it could be or who would still have a high enough profile - any thoughts?

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Yup, Roxy Music would still be there. Don't know about Sabbath or Purple - both their prime lineups have been back together in recent years & The Faces seem to be more or less back before this report came out.

PG did one gig with Genesis back in the 80s & that didn't exactly set the world alight?

I had wondered about ABBA - They have never reformed AFAIK & the success of Mama Mia must be putting them in the spotlight again?

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