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118 118 Racial Hatred!?

Guest treader.

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Guest treader.

Text 118 118 for racist hate | The Sun |News

Now, I mean, the fact that a professional company like 118 118 would think a joke like this is acceptable to send out is a bit weird.

BUT the fact the guy specifically asked for an Asian Joke (as seen in the picture) makes me feel like he brought it on himself.

If he'd typed "Sick Joke" or "Diana Joke" or something and received similar results wouldnt have been a problem.

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Just seems as if he's a poor student who's out to make money quick, society is far too sensitive nowadays, it's a joke it's not saying "kill all asians" is it?

He's happy to spend 60p on what would undoubtedly be a shit joke, canna be that skint.

I was more offended by the abysmal grammar and the spelling mistake.

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