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Guitar Hero:WT(4) vs Rock Band 2

The Subtle Arts

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So Musicians of Aberdeen, what is your game of choice?

Personnaly I havn't tried out either of these yet as I am making my way through many other titles but the time will come when a decision must be made.

I am leaning more towards Rock Band 2 for overall performance, gameplay, presentation, and longevity.

Guitar Heroes only plus points for me only come in actual song choices as the instruments are pap. Tool for example have 3 tracks featured on the game aswell as a multiple list of songs featured on both games.

What would you recommend?

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It's a real tough choice. I currently have both GHWT and Rock Band 2 games. I'm using the GH:WT set up. Here are some of my thoughts. (Xbox 360 versions)

The Guitar Hero Set up is far superior in every way. The drums are far better made, quieter and sturdier. The guitar also is in a different league to the rock band version.

Rock Band 2 has a better set list for me, with more interesting tracks. If you buy guitar hero then your subjected to the Eagles. Instant fail.

Rock band has the edge in downloadable content at the moment, but having said that GHWT has only been out for a week. Guitar hero does have an absolutely superb rem pack available already, so as long as they can keep the content coming then it may be down to personal choice. (guitar hero has exclusive smashing pumpkins, iron maiden and metallica rights now)

GHWT is has a much more user firendly front end and better customise options, but Rock band 2 is far easier to play as a group (if one fails the others can bail him/her out) and is generally less difficult to play.

Again personal choice but I find the guitar hero interface less cluttered and cleaner. Rock band 2 has some VERY distracting backgrounds.

I would say get both of them personally. Both sets of instruments are cross compatable on the xbox 360 so if you already have a rock band set up then it's worth it.

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Personally I think the guitar slider is a waste of time. It's a daft idea and best ignored. The guitar is great though for playing 'normally'.

The drums are far superior to the rock band drums, but not without their problems. Like the rockband ones there have been teething problems, but you can claim a free midi cable and download a sensitivity tuner to cusomise how much pressure you need to use to hit your drums.

To be honest this sort of problem really should have been elinated in the testing stages, but at least there is a free solution for those that are affected. The drums are not perfect, but they are definatly a step up from the rockband set, which I thought were extremely flimsy and cheap feeling.

The main reason I gave in and spent the large amount was because many online retailers were doing the whole set (game, mic, drums, guitar and extra guitar) for 150, then if you use codes and quidco there was savings to be made off that.

As I said both games seem decent and worth a purchase if you can afford it.

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Has anyone tried using the Rockband drums with GH: World Tour?

Would that even work?

I was just wondering as I haven't had a chance to test it out yet.

Edit: Just noticed the bit at the bottom of Skull Commanders post saying they are compatible.

The GH drums do look a lot sexier though. I haven't been able to find them for sale by themselves on the Internet. I really have no room for them but they are very tempting.

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Just as an update for anyone that cares, there is now a patch so you can use PS3 guitar hero world tour drums on rock band 2.

One word of advice though. If you do get the GH:WT drums, there is a free software download to adjust the sensitivity of the drums, as I mentioned in an earlier post. You pop in your details and red octane send a midi cable to use with it for free. This is meant for people that are having problems with their drums, but I think it's near essential anyway.

Personally I think it should have been included in the box, as it makes a lot of difference, and allows you to tweak the drums (and pedal) to your own liking. I thought my drums were working pretty decent, but I applied for one in case any problems appeared down the line, knowing that there was a week and a half wait for them.

I'm glad I did, as songs where I was getting 93% I'm now almost hitting 100%.


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