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Humey Whilem

Traditional zombie values...

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it kinda bored me a little....yeah the fact they don't run in romero films makes a prefect gag for Pegg's Shaun of the Dead...wouldn't have been funny had they make them run!....but making them run in the zombie horror film adds fear/suspence/apprehension which adds to the whole feel of the film/tv series...e.g. 28 days/weeks later.....best zombie/infectious type film

I watched dead set and really liked it, thought some was quite jumpy due to the running of the zombie types (or infectious types whatever) but how scary jumpy would it have been if they toddled along like Day of the dead when they are in the shopping mall?

is keeping too much with tradition killing the zombie movie?? do people think it's just another silly zombie movie.."why can't you just run past the zombie" remarks/puffs/sighs

now I am all up for classics and love Romeros movies, but then that was back then and just cause I like the old ones, doesn't mean I can't like the new style with a more modern feel to the classic at least there is an element of fear where as I can't say I have that with the oldies!!

ok rant over!

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