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Looking for musicians to jam with in Huntly


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Thanks to the members who sent me Private Messages. This has prompted me to be clearer about the nature of my "Jam in Huntly" project. What I am mostly looking for is people who want to practice some songs over the long term and get them sounding good. Sort of a "not gigging in the near future" band. I have had some good jam sessions with people just for fun, and I am happy to have more of those. From beginner to experienced musicians are all welcome. I have also had enquiries from musicians who want me to fit straight into a band or project they are working on. I have to say I am not yet skilled enough to do that, although I am happy to hear from more experienced musicians and have a chat. The idea of "Jam in Huntly" is for me to get some practice and play with other musicians, and to have some fun. What might emerge in the future is open. Could be a band that gigs occasionally, could be just playing together regularly to learn and develop musically.

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