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So what have you got lying around your house not being used? Post it here and see what someone will offer you in exchange for it. You can swap anything you like: Books, DVDs, mobile phones, gig tickets, televisions, consoles, bicycles, dinner sets, stamp collections, clothes - whatever! If you have something in mind you'd like in exchange for it then mention it, otherwise see what you get offered.

Go and have a rake through your junk drawer and see what you find....

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Tell me more? Are they ones with individual slots for each CD? If not, then I am very interested.

They do have individual slots for each CD. One is an argos job the other 2 were custom built and are much higher quality.

I also have a load of VHS videos kicking about if anyone still has a VCR?

Come to think of it, I've got a VCR...

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I'm moving house soon, so off the top of my head -

A rowing machine.

Loads of Punisher graphic novels.

A Squier Stratocaster in sunburst.

A Fender practice amp.

A Sony Playstation.

A Sega Saturn + loads of games.

A UK Subs T shirt signed by Charlie Harper on the back.

A black unit on wheels suitable for putting a TV on that has space underneath for DVD/video/whatever with another load of space below that, metal CD slotted racks on either side at the front and shelves up both sides.

A widescreen TV, I think it's about 28".

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For those interested, the Sega Saturn has a standard controller, Nights controller and light gun plus the following games: -

1. Manx TT

2. Soviet Strike

3. Die Hard Trilogy

4. Exhumed

5. Worldwide Soccer 97

6. Resident Evil

7. Worms

8. Steep Slope Sliders

9. Tomb Raider

10. Wipeout

11. Alien Trilogy

12. Firestorm: Thunderhawk 2

13. Shinobi X

14. Virtua Cop

15. Virtua Cop 2

16. Virtua Fighter 2

17. Daytona USA

18. Actua Golf

19. Duke Nukem 3D

20. Sega Rally

21. Athlete Kings

22. Nights

Open to sensible offers prefer package deal!

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