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imp: Thomas Truax + 7 Hertz + Green Pony @ The Tunnels

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Thursday 11th December

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm | Entry 6 on door





The return of our favorite Steampunk with his accompanying home made friends and travelling companions including Sister Spinster and the Hornicator

"Thomas Truax (pronounced troo-aks) is a feisty sonic dreamer gadgeteer, songwriter and performer...capable of crafting some very potent songs... poetically evocative and rich with melancholy, both by dint of sounds and the texts." (David Greenberger, Signal To Noise)



In a line up which comprises double bass, violin and clarinet 7 Hertz improvise! That's what they do. They make tunes inside which to improvise, or just start from nothing. They also compose. They have a wide variety of influences, contemporary classical, folk, jazz, free improv, punk and just plain odd - but they find mutual ground through listening to each other, and making it up as they go along.



Tonight Matthew, John Hekert is Green Pony - our favorite Dutch troubadour.


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The Kiosque previewed this gig.

How nice.


Limbering up on the other side of the ring at The Tunnels is New-Yorker Thomas Truax, a singer-songwriter with a difference. With an endearing fondness for experimentation, expect toys, whistles and inexplicable contraptions to feature alongside his more traditional noise-making equipment and wonderful lyrics. Insanely creative or creatively insane depending on your point of view, this gig, with double-bass-led improv group 7 Hertz and lo-fi blues misfit Green Pony in support, has a pleasingly leftfield look about it.

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I have the flu but shall really try to make this gig.:up:

Real flu and you're excused but the fact you can even type suggests it's only man flu so we'll see you Thursday.

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For all you R Kelly fans out there (come on, be honest about it):

I will be doing my version of 'The World's Greatest' again....

Graeme - remind me of the age restriction on this gig? o_O

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I wish I had spandex I would have worn it tonight.

I take that back. I am quite happy not to own any spandex.

This is tonight! I don't care what you think of the Pony. Thomas Truax is worth sitting through my rubbish. 7 Hertz sound amazing too.

Can't wait. Haven't been this nervous for a gig in a long time.

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