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Home Recording - Again..


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Hello There,

Just thought Ide see how others are setting up Home Recording.

My Current Setup:

We Record Drums At Captain Toms

1 x Mac With Logic Studio

1 x Alesis Multimix 8 USB Mixer

1 x Shure SM57 Mic

1 x Shure SM58a Beta Mic

1 x Haden Cab

1 x Line 6 Spider Head

Quick and Chepish Set Up For Top Quality Shiz.. Ide record drums if I had the space =P

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For the latest EP we used:

For Drums,

1xShure SM58(Snare Underside)

1xShure SM57(Snare Topside)

Shure Drum mic 5 Piece set (1 Rack tom 1 floor tom 1 Kick)

2xmatched pair AKG Condensers (General overheads for cymbal etc)

1xBehringer B1 Condenser (Hi hat/snare)

Nick uses a vintage '74 Ludwig Jazz kit complete with a black panther finish (sexy)

For Guitars,

SM57s close micd on a 2x12 Fender Deville

For Bass,

Ampeg Head on an Ashdown Cab (don't know the size)

We also have a handy Sans Amp for over dubs

All this went into 2 Digital 8 tracks (there's a funny story about there not enough power to run Pro Tools after all this shit and so having to resort to using these instead) and then post production done on Pro Tools

For all of my own home recordings for acoustic stuff,

1x PowerBook G4 with Garage band

1x Behringer 4 channel mixer

1x Behringer B1 condenser

1x Martin & Co Auditorium Acoustic

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More old-fashioned...Tascam digital 8-track, no drums (unless desperate, when an Alessis drum machine gets hooked up).

Mikes etc going into an old Yamaha 8 channel mixer. (Mikes are a Shure SM 58, an ancient Shure Unidyne 545 and an A&H Shure copy). No EQ-ing as I don't like it.

results are pretty crap, like :laughing:

I am very much at home with the Alan Cynic approach to home recording. :D The condenser mic that Stripey (RIP) recommended to me is an excellent addition to my very basic set up.

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umm... The cheapest setup yet! You take whatever guitar is at hand, plug it into whatever amp is at hand, then take another guitar lead plugged into the out socket of the amp and stick a 1/4 inch to 13 mm jack converter (like 1 from maplin) on the end and stick tht in your sound card. Then download Krystal (free mixing software, surprisingly useful considering) and tada! The same thing can be done for any instruments and mics using suitable pre-amps or what-have-yous.

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I'm using:

Motu 8 Pre

Cubase SX3 with a Dell Laptop

Yamaha HS50M Monitors

Sony MDR Headphpones (can't remember the model number, but they weren't cheap)

Shure SM57

Studio Projects B1 Condenser

AKG D112

AKG C1000's

I need more mics... could do with another SM57 and a couple of Tom Mics. I'd like one of those vocal booth things that SE Electronics do (there's a cheaper model on the market) and perhaps a Really Nice Preamp.

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