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52 Sunday Showcase Podcasts


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Hey, my show reached its first birthday this week. That means I have 52 podcasts full of musicy goodness which I thought I'd share with the group.

These are all free to download. There are sessions with local acts and touring acts, as well as the odd interview and the like.

Feel free to download and I'd honestly appreciate any comments or feedback.

I'm also sure there must be a way to make this list look a bit prettier. I'd much appreciate it if someone could point out how.

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Interview 1 Interview 2 Interview 3 Pundit Other Info link

1 Paul Carter Phil Kay 10 Easy Wishes

1a Stereophonics

2 Shed 7 Gus Tawse Little Kicks

3 Justin Martin Stuart Macbride Peanut from The Kaiser Chiefs

4 Kashmir Red Aberfeldy The Rascals Duncan Guthrie Save The Lemon Tree

5 Lady Mercedes Colin Clyne Malcolm Middleton Hazey Janes

6 Buster Bloodvessel Roddy Woomble

7 The Trade Eilidh Macaskill

8 Lisa Polson The Phoenix Band

9 Chemical Callum Taken Down for legal reasons

10 The Lorelei Driveblind

11 Gus Tawse Chris from Fringe Aberdeen Crsipian Mills

12 Panda Eyes Turin Brakes Trudy of Stonehaven Folk Festival

13 Lightspeed Champion Jani Lang Band Xcerts Inc track by Captain Face

14 Vesuvian Estrella Mary Rasmussen Gillian Martin

15 Underkills C-Red Gerry Jablonski Go Team

16 The Dykeenies Nicky Cairney

17 No Pasaran Peter Hook Copy Ha Ho Glasgow Comedy Festival

18 Fivefifteen Little Kicks

18a Gillian Martin Looking at movies inspired by the music of Manchester

19 Erotic Fire Right hand Left Marionettes

20 Miss Becca Bainbridge Spider Mackenzie & Steve Crawford Miles Jupp & Simon Munnery

21 Free Korps Frank Turner Brian from the Fudge awards

21a Xavier Barlow Book Club 1

22 Slaves To Gravity Mark McCabe Tim Courteney

23 Roddy Hart Larry Gott from James

23a Gillian Martin Rock stars in movies

24 Twisted Wheel Luva Anna Colin McIntyre

24a Xavier Barlow Book Club 2

25 Ida Maria The Law

26 Hazey Janes Static In The City Drive By Argument Duncan Hendry of APA

27 Sons & Daughters The Resolutes Futureheads

27a Gillian Martin Movies of Danny Boyke

28 The Maybes Mia Riddle Co-Pilot Effect

29 Red Mongoose Xavier Barlow on Bond

30 Sorren Mclean Band Craig Hill David Milne

31 King Creosote Errors

32 Dirty Handshakes Gillian Martin

33 The Ads Esther O'Connor David Sheret

34 The Moth and The Mirror Hot Mangu Xavier Barlow

35 Dan Against The World Operator Please David Milne

36 Eskimo Blonde Jyrojets Stewart Aitken of AIYF

37 Onion Terror Joel Sebunjo David Sheret

38 Kathy Shanks David Brinkman

39 Headlight Zutons David Milne

40 Be A Familiar Glasvegas Gillian Martin

41 Craig Davidson Clare And The Reasons Anneka Thomson David Sheret

42 MC AKA Millenium Child Simon Gall & Steve Crawford Andrew Collins Xavier Barlow

43 Amber Wilson & Gavin McGinty Chris Helme David Milne

44 Kat Flint Hardeep Singh Kohli Gillian Martin

45 Fran Healey David Sheret

46 Kashmir Red Xavier Barlow

47 Underkills View From The Top David Milne

48 Chris TT Gillian Martin

49 Punch & The Apostles AKA Ska

50 Red Light Company The Seasons Xavier Barlow

51 The Rifles Noel Gallagher David Milne

52 Attic Lights Little Kicks

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Guest Exposure @ Lemon Tree
Am I the only one who found this slightly intriguing? What did he say/do?

I'm guessing as it was due to "legal reasons" you probably can't talk about it publicly but I had to ask :)

Mac - you ain't the only one..........

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Am I the only one who found this slightly intriguing? What did he say/do?

I'm guessing as it was due to "legal reasons" you probably can't talk about it publicly but I had to ask :)

Nothing to do with Callum. Someone else was being interviewed on the podcast and said something he shouldn't have, and I've not quite got round to putting an edited version up.

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