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Skull Commander

Bunch of Videogames for sale XBOX 360 PS2 Dreamcast and more

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Loads of stuff for sale. Please PM all interest.

All games are Pal region and in good condition unless stated otherwise.

XBOX 360

Project Gotham Racing 3 (classic) 5

Superman Returns 7 6

Fifa 07 (Ok condition) 5

Kameo (classic) 5

Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer 7

WWE Smackdown 07 5

Def Jam Icon 7

Top Spin 2 7 6

Chromehounds 7

Beowulf 6

Transformers the Movie Limited Edition 7

Phantasy Star Universe 7

Tenchu Z 7

Bullet Witch 7

Saints Row (Classic) 7

Vampire Rain 7

The Godfather 7

Ridge Racer 6 7

Stranglehold Tin Collecters Edition 7

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 13

Moto GP 07 8

Tomb Raider Legend 8

Perfect Dark Zero Tin Edition 6

The Orange Box 12

Too Human 12


Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz 8

Red Steel 10

Wing Island 8

Zelda Twilight Princess 20

Super Mario Galaxy 20

Big Brain Academy 10


Fable The Lost Chapters (classic version, as it was the only release) 7

Project Zero 2 Directors Cut 7

Oddworld Strangers Wrath 5

Oddworld Munch's Odyesee 3

Halo 2 5

PS1 (all pal version)

Medievil (with demo disc)4

Medievil 2 (average condition)4

Dino Crisis 4

Klonoa Door To Phantomile (great condition with point blank demo disc) 32

Klonoa Beach Vollyball (average condition) 6

Chaos Break 5

Anna Kournikova's Smash Court Tennis (great condition) 3

Devil Dice (great condition) 16

Megaman Legends (average condition) 8

Ape Escape 4

Puchi Carat 3

Rox 3

Baldies 3

Constructor 3


Makai Kingdom 7

Disgaea 7

Ape Escape 2 7

Devil May Cry (plat) 3

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition 7

Castlevania 7

Project Zero (average condition) 4

Shadow Of The Colossus (card sleeve with art cards) 17

Ico (card sleeve with art cards) 24

Prince Of Persia (bundle copy) 3

Trapt 5

Gregory Horror Show 6

Under The Skin 6

Bombastic 4

Bujingai Swordmaster 6

Nanobreaker 5

Nightshade 6

Rez (very good condition apart from a very small tear to the top of the inlay. Not a major issue, but pointed out all the same) 15

Magnacarta 8


Street Fighter III Double Impact (pal) 20

Marvel vs Capcom (pal) 14

Capcom vs SNK (pal) 14

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (Jap, greatcondition with spine) 14

Giga Wing (pal) 8

Sonic Shuffle (pal) 15

Dino Crisis (average condition) 7

Resident Evil 2 7

Resident Evil 3 Nemesis 7

Resident Evil Code Veronica (us version) 7

Nightmare Creatures 2 (average condition) 7


Skies Of Arcadia Legends (us version) 15

Animal Crossing (with memory card) 18

Metroid Prime (us) 5

Ikaruga 12

Freedom Fighters (average condition) 5

Killer 7 15

Prince of Persia Warrior Within 5

Doshin The Giant 7

Pokemon Colosseum (with memory card) 9

Zelda Collecters Edition Promo Fully Boxed (with old zelda games on it) 10

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Limited Edition With Master Quest Disc and limited slipcase (game is in perfect condition, but slipcase is slightly worn) 15

Resident Evil 10

Resident Evil 4 (limited edition with slipcase and also contains a THIRD bonus disc) 15

Mario Party 6 (with mic) 15

1080 Avalanche 7

Wave Race Blue Storm 7

Eternal Darkness 10


Animal Crossing (us version) 15

Nintendogs Labrador and Friends 15

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow 12

Castlevania Portrait of Ruin (us version)12

Marvel Trading Card Game (us version) 7

Starfox Command (us version) 7

Trauma Centre (us version) 7

Sonic Rush 8

Super Famicom Unboxed *ALL 2.50 EACH or take all 8 for 16*

(all games under here marked out of 10 for condition)

Super Mario World (6/10)

Dragon Quest V (7/10)

Super EDF (8/10)

Batman Returns (8/10)

Rocketeer (6/10)

Final Fantasy IV (6/10)

Mickey's Magical Quest (6/10 large sticker on back of cart)

Samsara Saga (7/10)

Super Famicom Boxed Games *4 each(except cassette)*

Please note unless stated, all come with instructions but NO inner tray

Eye Of The Beholder (9/10)

Estpolis II (Lufia) (9/10)

Far East Of Eden (with map) (9/10)

Winning Post (8/10)

Derby Stallion II (no instructions, 6/10)

Kelba Eight Special Vol 2 (8/10)

Super Famicom Memory Cassette - Blank casette but in excellent condition 10

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Good luck shifting any of those - they seem to be Gamestation prices (i.e. a rip-off), with a few exceptions.

The prices are more than fair in my opinion. If people don't want to buy them they won't.

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