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Mesa/ Boogie for Sale


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I am looking to sell my

Mesa Solo 50 Single Rectifier Head

and the matching

Angled, Standard 4x12 Cabinet.

Both are in very good second hand condition; one vinyl corner loose and a couple scratches on the cab, nothing much on the head at all. I've also not long since revalved the head with standard Mesa 6L6 power tubes and thus she's sounding excellent, and comes complete with footswitch and cover.

I'd like 800 pounds for the head and 500 for the cabinet (a total of 1300; less than a new head on it's own would set you back).

However, if you have an offer then please get in touch (no silly buggers now....). Particularly if you were willing to take both together, I'm sure we could some sort of favourable deal that way.

I'd be interested in a part exchange involving an Orange/ Boogie/ Matamp or other quality 16 ohm 2x12 cabinet w/ Celestion Vintage 30 speakers; again, if you have something you think may be of interest then get in touch.

Thanks in advance,


p.s. Obviously feel free to hit me with any questions etc-


MySpace.com - www.myspace.com/72302104

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800 is a good price for the head i tried selling mine on here a few weeks ago though i did have it at 950 knowing that someone would offer less as im sure someone will offer you less than 800. i eventually sold it for 800 on ebay, but thats a good deal youve offered the solo 50 is awesome

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I've decided just to keep the gear for now, found a way that the cab can be transported in my car with only minor modification to both car and cab.

p.s. But just as a matter of course; shipping to Bristol would be the only option I guess. That'd cost an extra 68 pounds, according to the parcelforce website, for 48 hr delivery, fully guaranteed and insured.

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