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Some new gear pics...

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Took some photos of my stuff tonight, pics turned out not too bad.

Here's the guitars and amps first of all...

(Left to Right): ESP Jeff Hanneman S&Key Urban Camo (1 of 4), Dean USA DFH 'Dean From Hell' (1 of 150, 1 of 6 in the UK), ESP Custom Shop KH-2 Neck Thru.

Amps are (top) a 1987 Randall RG100ES and (bottom) an ENGL SE EL34. ENGL Standard 4x12. Lovely.





Here's the lovely inlay that causes so much issues given it's meaning:-


My drum stuff:-

Pearl Session Custom 6 ply maple finished in Marine Blue Fade and my Zildjian Cymbals:-




Pearl P-122TW double pedal with Vater Redwood beaters:-


Pearl Omar Hakim 13"x5" African Mahogany snare:-


Comments welcomed.

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jus thought i'd weigh in, thats the new-look rig so far :)

still to add:

  • a pre/power amp of some kind
  • a rack case for it all
  • a new interface, once i sell the firebox and scrape together a bit more
  • a new pedal board
  • a midi controller board for it all

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