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Yamaha MG16/6 FX Mixer AND DRUM MICS


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I have an MG16/6 FX mixer for sale


Yamaha MG16/6FX

I bought it not long ago to record drums

I moved out to uni, so don't have drums in my flat :(

I also have superlux mics,

Superlux SL-Drkb5C2 7 Microphone Drum Kit

Superlux SL-Drkb5C2 7 Microphone Drum Kit Set from Superlux @ Inta Audio - The Online Music Shop

Bass, Snare, 2 tom, 2 overhead mics

(It came with 3 tom mics, but one of them fell off the drum and hit the bass drum, so no longer works. But the others are in perfect working order.)

with clips to hold them on and a bass drum mic stand

Also have leads for all the mics,

Some XLR-XLR, others XLR-Jack

I paid 230 for the mixer

I paid over 230 for the mics and leads

I need money for a new double bass pedal

and the mics and mixer just lay around doing nothing


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