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2006 Esp M-II Urban Camo for sale

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Hey guys,

Really wanting a new guitar, and bassicly i have a bit much at the moment, so in order to get a new one, i have to release some guitar GAS.

Anyway, this is an ESP m-II urban camo, pretty much top of the range stuff, you wont get better guitar for metal/rock than this, Cost me 1500 at the time to buy it, nothings changed, well, had to change the battery for the emgs recently but thats all, and its never been gigged,

No scratches or anything, theres a tincy bit of rust of the original floyd, and on the screws of the pickups, but nothing serious, prolly could be cleaned off with some wd40 etc.

Everything else on it is completley mint, ill also include the hardcase, which i might as well point out is pretty expensive aswell, esp are well known for selling expensive hardcases

Ill let her go for 1100 or, a decent offer near that :) indulge me please,

I can meet in aberdeen to hand over, or you can come pickup, or perhaps i could arrange for me to drop it off, contact me on if you want to discuss that

Heres some pics i took a few months ago now, nothings changed








and heres the hardcase, i can remove the stickers easily enough


soundclip of how she is here

SoundClick artist: Bullettheory - /facepalm /palmface

Email is thefragking@msn.com

Or send me a pm on here :up:

Thanks in advance!! (:

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Dropping the price to 1000 O.N.O

its sad because its such a good guitar, but im changing to 7 string guitars tbh....

Ill take trade offers into consideration, 7 or 6 tbh :up:

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the annoying thing is i got offered 1000 for it, but delivered...i really dont want to put it through some delivery service...specially this time of year. id rather sell it in aberdeen :(

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