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Skinnyman & Durrty Goodz Thu 27 Nov at Origin


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Silent Evolution Club Tour

Skinnyman (new live show)

Durrty Goodz (exclusive debut)

Basedrift (live)

Hip Hop Village (live)


Born Alex Holland in Leeds, Skinnyman is one of the few British emcees that needs almost no introduction.

Moving as a kid to Finsbury Park, North London, Skinny found a melting pot of cultures suddenly on his doorstep and immersed himself in the musical culture of reggae and dancehall. Highly influenced by Leroy, Chas and fast tongue-talking Papa San, he was introduced to rap at a very early age. While watching the first rappers such as Electro Ascension, Wiggy Wiggy, Grandmaster, Melle Mel and Furious Five, he immediately realized he had been built for that.

When he was about 7, he had to do a school play and decided to write his own script for his part. He built himself a Rubik's cube, put on a Rubik's cube costume and did a rap about the Rubik's cube and the mathematical structures of it. That was the first time he was onstage doing a rap.

Thank to his distinctive voice, Skinny easily progressed through open mic battles and consistently won titles around London. After becoming a founding member of The Bury Crew, in the early 90's skinnyman moved on to establish by himself the seminal Mud Family alongside Mongo and Chester P with whom he released lots of EPs. These included the underground hits "Itchy Town" and "Lash Suttin", a reworking of Redman's "Smash Something". One of the best Hip Hop crews in England whether on vinyl, on stage freestyling or battling other MCs, the Mud Fam expanded with new members joining and Chester P splitting to form Task Force with his brother Farma G.

Shortly after, Skinny signed a deal with Talkin Loud and completed a handful of album tracks whilst at the label. However, before the album was finished Skinny was sent to jail for 9 months for distribution of marijuana. Naturally talented for rapping and writing lyrics, his reputation has grown even bigger for being in trouble with the police, since Skinny believes in the good of marijuana and is an active promoter of its use.

While he was inside, Talkin Loud was shut down by its parent company, freeing skinnyman from his contract. After the period of incarceration, skinnyman released his masterful solo debut album, "Council Estate of Mind", with a deal via Low Life Records in 2004. Well received by fans and critics as the highest new entry in the UK's charts on the week of its release, heavily autobiographical and socially analytical, the album makes much use of samples from "Made in Britain", a British film from the early 80s.

Since the album's release, skinnyman received considerable attention from UK hip hop radio and press, had the opportunity to work with grime artists such as Wiley and Shystie and supported The Streets at Brixton Academy. He even won in a rapping contest in London's Subterranea against Eminem.

In 2004, he was featured in "Tower Block Dreams", a BBC documentary. In 2005, he played a small part in the interactive TV series "Dubplate Drama" and released two singles, "Forever Rangers" and "Holla/None Of Them".

On July 6, 2006 skinnyman played live on the night of DMC DJ Championship 2006 UK Final and Battle for UK Supremacy at The Hammersmith Palais. Few days after, he released the expected "DMC's fifth Champion Sounds" album, the series that in the past has featured Roc Raida, the Mixologists, DJ Skully and Plus One.

"When you see Durrty Goodz perform, you're looking and listening to a character you just know you're not going to forget." - Touch Magazine

"But it's Goodz who's really pushing things forward. He's become one of the kings of the underground scene by besting top MCs in battles with his raggarage flowThe most sought after MC in the UK right now." - NME

When you think of Durrty Goodz think of a Slick Rick meets Ludacris meets Bob Marley and you're kinda close. When you think of his music think Hiphop/Grime and bashment mixed with a distinctive Anglo-Jamaican flavour. Goodz is without doubt the most promising MC the UK Underground has produced in the last few years. With a sharp tongue, super fast rhyming ability and clever lyrics all eyes are on Goodz right now.

Dwayne Mahorn aka Durrty Goodz (previously Durrty Doogz) is doing what he always wanted to do, MC. He cut his teeth as an MC the old fashioned way, through hard work, and lots of it. He was barely 15 years old when Kool FM crowned him Best MC as he battled other older and more experienced MCs with his sharp visual narratives. His voice is also instantly recognizable, he has a "baritone that strikes like an iron fist inside a velvet glove." - Trace Magazine.

He's now had eight years working his mic off on the underground scene proving his skills at raves like Eskimo Dance, Sidewinder and Smoove as well as the big Pirate stations to gain the respect as a fast and conscious talking British MC. Now rewind back a few year's when Goodz dropped one of his finest and most thought provoking joints to date "Bak 2 Skool". For this DG took Ludacris' "Act A Fool" instrumental and busted a lyrical reality check to all wannabe gangstas/playas: Yoots if youre rude and you carry a sick attitude/What you really need to do is go back to school/ Don't act the fool and go packin' a tool/What you really need to do is go back to school.

Well respected UK producers Ignorants and Fusion have put there music behind DGs fourth coming projects Fusion goes one step further describing him as the perfect example of old skool values and new-skool flows. For many heads on the scene, he's the MCs MCThis kid is destined to change the game.

Watch out for the 9 track Axiom EP where he exclusively tells us his side of the story, followed shortly by the album Born Blessed in which we are taken on an historical journey through the birth of Hiphop and the Jamaican sound clash influence on it (coming 2007)

Thursday 27th Nov

Origin, Market st, Aberdeen

Below Hotel Metro

10pm - 2am

Entry 7/6 b4 12/students

Skinnyman.com - Since Day One

MySpace.com - Skinnyman & Durrty Goodz November tour dates up - UK - Reggae / Soul / Punk - www.myspace.com/mcskinnyman

MySpace.com - The Hip Hop Village - UK - Hip Hop / Rap - www.myspace.com/thehiphopvillage

MySpace.com - DURRTY GOODZ AXIOM EP (OUT NOW) - UK - Hip Hop / Grime / Reggae - www.myspace.com/officialdurrtygoodz

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