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I have picked up a virus on my laptop,and its killing me...

Steven Milne

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anyone able to help?

i have a dell inspiron 1501, windows vista laptop.

bought from dell online

(yes i know i should have bought a mac)

anyway, its always worked fine.

then, got a message on bebo, saying someone sent me a video to watch, clicked it, it didnt load, computer went mental and now i get popups every three seconds saying that i need to get internet software security etc.

see, i dont really know which popups are genuine and which ones are cons, some look like theyre my computer telling me what to do but then i look into them and they want me to sign up to dodgy looking security programs.

what should i do? anyone?

im going insane hearing about malware, spyware, virus remoival and system alerts, trojans etc.

if anyone here can help me to save me a bank breaking trip to pc world or any other tech company id be forever indebted.


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AVG is pretty good and freeee.

There's hundreds of Bebo viruses just now. When you're in your Inbox... go into list mail too and delete everything that's in there. Just to make sure! :)

Don't click any messages that look like they wouldn't be sent from that particular friend! The same happened on facebook too!!

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I've had a few of those messaged on bebo. The giveaway was that mine happened to come from people I don't speak to a huge amount and the "you-tube" link was ropey. Usually it seems to be in the format of "Hey, what you doing in this vid?" sorta thing.

... I realise that wasn't much use to you but it serves as a warning to others.

thats exactly how i picked it up - fucking bebo.

and yes Jan, it seems to have worked.

although internet explorer browser is still acting up.

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