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Best Es335 copy


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Hi I am looking at buying a ES335 style guitar and wondered if anyone had a recommendation, I like the Epiphone Dot but have read mixed reviews of it. My budgets upto 300. Others I have looked at are the Hofner verythin, Ibanez As73, Peavey JF1 and Vintage VSA535

thanks for your help

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I would consider the Tokai

Tokai ES60 335 Semi Acoustic Guitar [ES60] - 299.00 : The Guitar Workshop, Guitars Amplifiers & Music Accessories

Or Peerless (you may not have heard of them, but they make the cheaper Gretschs and some Epiphones, and they are very good guitars):

Peerless Songbird (PM20VC) NA, Natural, New, Inc. Case, Semi Acoustic product details : Guitar Village UK

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Hello Hamstir,

My music shop out at Inverurie, Rockapotamus Music, could have a couple of options for you.

I have a Washburn HB32DM in just now. I'm actually away to be doing a set-up on it one night this week. Since it's not one you've mentioned you can see and read about it at this link: Washburn Hollowbodies. HB32DM & HB30 Guitar.

If the link doesn't work, just look up the Washburn website and navigate through that.

Also, you mentioned the Vintage VSA535 - that I would be able to get in for you, if you thought that was the way to go.

Both of these guitars come in at 299. The Washburn has a pretty solid padded gig bag that comes with it as standard as well.

If that is of any interest to you at all, I will make sure I've set up the Washburn by Saturday and you can come and have a play of it. You can message me back or contact my shop manager Gareth if you need any more details. I will be in the shop myself this Saturday though. You'll find us at:

Rockapotamus Music,

70 West High Street,


Tel: 01467 622700

e-mail: sales@rockapotamus-music.com

However, I can confirm that if you fancy the Ibanez Artcore series stuff it should be very good standard. I own an early 70's Ibanez Artist which is a cracking piece of kit.

Hope that gives you some ideas.



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