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Epiphone T-Bird IV


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Hey guy's, looking to sell my Epiphone T-Bird, love it to bits but I'm after something a bit different now, you know how it is... you go onto t'internet and suddenly see something new and shiney and then you spend money you don't have and then the debt collecters come and steal your children.

yadda yadda. Will post piccies as soon as I can.

Oh, it's missing an E & D string but I ordered a pack of 4 strings today so you'll have a spare A & G chucked into the mix too!

Finally :p it also has a chip on the bottom but it's pretty small and sure as marmosets is marmosets it doesn't affect playing.

Edit: I forgot to mention it comes with a ritter gig bag :up:





Sorry for the piss poor quality of photo's but if you wanna arrange a meet in town to check it over then it is no problem for me.

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I'm looking for over 100 for it, but I really dont know what the value is for Epiphones atm... All I know is that Gibson Europe is not set up yet (I say know... thats what Bruce Millers told me anyway! :p)

Edit: Just checked Ebay and they are going for about 170ish, I would take about 150 but would be open to negotiation :up: plus, no postage costs!

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would you consider a swap for your t-bird?

i had one a few years ago and ended up selling it. Got to admit that i do miss having it about.

i would be willing to offer up a gloss black bronze series bc rich warlock in trade or part ex.

not to everyones taste, but it served me damn well and does look pretty badass

i also have a westfield vbs4a bass which i would consider swapping, but i wil need to mull it over.

Anyway, if i hadnt just pished payday on bills and computer bits i would offer up the cash, but now cant afford it til the end of the month again. gah.



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