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Monster Zero

Shellac in Glasgow last night

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Kind of a last minute decision to go as I'd forgotten about it and got tickets no longer required, drove down and back same day but very worth it.:up:

Aidan Moffat was OK, similar set to Inverness with Mogwai and not really a great warm up, think he should have had a few more pints on Nice 'N' Sleazy's beforehand where he was spotted.

Shellac were great, weird stage set up with Todd Trainer right at the front between Albini and Weston, tight as a gnat's chuff and they are far funnier and have far more banter than their reputation sometimes suggests.

Great versions of 'My Black Ass', 'Squirrel Song' (even though largely instrumental), 'Steady As She Goes', 'Prayer to God', 'Wingwalker', 'Dog and Pony Show' and 'End of Radio' stand out in the memory, although I'd envisaged the latter being played first for some reason...no 'The Admiral' though....and no time to stay back and get a T shirt off them on the stage, took advantage of the 10 o' clock finish to scoot up the road...been a long tired day at work today....

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oh fuck yes

turned up halfway through "squirrel song" on account of having to walk a distance, so probably missed a fair bit but thoroughly enjoyed their set

"wingwalker" was the highlight for me

steve albini did not strike me as the miserable bast i expected

went out afterwards and saw wooden shjps, they were good also

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