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New Compilation Series for Local/Touring Bands

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The Music Box Series: Vol. 1 :: Black Tooth, the bastard child of Snafu and Fudge brings you a new series of soothing lullabies, provided by acclaimed signed and unsigned acts.

3 Times to Break Up - Billy Gaz Station (Kicking Records)

3rd November

Self Righteous Fool - Evil Demon Theory

12th January

Shes Like a Loaded Gun - Double-8-Straight

3rd November

The Phalanx - The Day I Vanished

1st December

Lucky Like Kokura - My Minds Weapon (Basick Records)

24th November

Guardian of the Waves - Swordmaster

17th November

Reflected Life Ascension

24th November

Escape to Victory Escape to Victory

10th November

Broken Window Theory Escape to Victory

10th November

Sick of Myself Evil Demon Theory

12th January

Jus Primae Noctis Ablach

20th October

Bands that are playing the Black Tooth are requested to submit a high-quality track to gomes@clubsnafu.com for inclusion in this quarterly series. Promotional copies are then handed out to various shops and bars, as well as available on request. Many thanks to the above bands for submitting the included tracks.

To request a copy, please email gomes@clubsnafu.com. Your copy is free of charge and will be available for collection on the following Monday night.

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