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The Ghost Of Fudge

Certain Death + Ablach + Thrashist Regime / / / 29.11.08

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MySpace.com - CERTAIN DEATH SCOTLAND - SOUTH CENTRAL KDY, SCOTLAND, Scotland - Thrash / Rap / Hardcore - www.myspace.com/certaindeath - Kirkcaldy, UK


MySpace.com - Ablach - Aberdeen / Obar Dheathain, UK - Grindcore / Punk / Metal - www.myspace.com/ablach - Aberdeen, UK


MySpace.com - Thrashist Regime - UK - Thrash - www.myspace.com/thrashistregime - Aberdeen, UK


After years of learning their trade on the underground

hardcore scene, rap thrash n rollers Certain Death are

about release their debut E.P. Its an attempt at capturing

the unique blend of humour, towering riffs, raucous punk

pace and good time attitude that has made the live shows

legendary. Described as a cross between 'The Beastie

Boys' and 'Motorhead', their live shows have received rave

reviews. Having honed their skills on the stages of some of

the biggest festivals in the UK, Europe and Scandinavia, the

organized chaos of their shows is a breath of fresh air in

times of soulless art school pop and anaemic indie posers.

With tours of Japan, France and the U.K. in the immediate

future, Certain Death are looking to bring their belief in the

evil powers of Rock and Roll from the underground.

Celtic death metallers Ablach are a ferocious ensamble of

six grind-crust affectionados taking their lead from Napalm

Death, Doom, Repulsion, Terrorizer, Nasum, Regurgitate,

Sob, and their Grindcore forefathers.

Formed at the dark end of 2007, Thrashist Regime will

slay your babies, pwn j0r m0m and generally hit you like a

hard, fast sledgehammer. Woo fuckin hoooooo, baby!

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Tuesday is me and Dave Rowland's(Ablach) birthday, I think the29th is Steed form Certain Deaths (or maybe its the 30th?) and now its Robs as well.

This is going to be fucking good.

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