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Hugh Cornwell + Support @ The Lemon Tree

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Guest idol_wild

Debutant has been confirmed as support for this.

"Debutant's music ignores genres altogether, sounding something like what would happen if Mark Kozelek and Kevin Shields had an afternoon, a spare room and a multitude of ideas. Definitely worth checking out live" isthismusic?


"This is beautiful; four basic home-made lo-fi bedroom recordings delicate, basic, fractured, dreamy, creamy and very simple. Uncluttered and turning the lo-fi option and the basic equipment on to a warm positive vibrant less is so much more piece of beauty. Four dreamy textured lo-fi pieces/songs" Organ Magazine - Demo of the Week


"Nostalgic sounds of comfort echo in the best track on this ep, 'Solitude': stunning. The smooth composition drains all worries away, landscapes and the sky become your comforting friends. Yes the guy posesses the voice to do that, comfort you." Crumbs in the Butter


"A solo performer with only an electric guitar and a multitude of pedals to play with he manages to create lovely soundscapes which are layered and layered, his soft vocal over the top the icing on a beautiful cake. It reminded me in many ways of Eluvium and I really enjoyed his short set. The highlight for me was a new song which he named old bogie for the evening in homeage to Humphrey Bogart. A stunningly beautiful end to his set which set the night up nicely." The Steinberg Principle


"Debutant from Aberdeen, an impressive singer-songwriter with a penchant for heavily-delayed post-rock guitar, building up from quiet chords to full-on looping ear damage. The show was promoted by Forever Presents, who brought Dan Deacon and Matmos to Dublin last year, and gave respective support slots to Jape and Si Schroeder, the latter my favourite Irishproponent of the shoegaze-y post-rock guitar style. Here, though it was a bit one-man-band Mogwai at the very end, on the whole his set was varied and interesting, and very enjoyable to listen to." Hardcore for Nerds


"Debutant does something rather different with the one man and a guitar formula. Armed with a bank of effects pedals, his set built from a delicate, gentle instrumental introduction through a course of well-crafted songs and shimmering sounds not generally associated with guitars. Compelling stuff. "Whisperin and Hollerin


"Debutants blend of post-rock ambience with breathless lyrics was beautiful. Solitude called into mind Ulrich Schnauss and Brian Eno, flowing like little rivulets of darkness." - Narc Magazine

Debutant on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


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