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Looking for Shure SM58 or other good vocal mic

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If you're not in a desperate hurry, I suggest you check Amazon on a regular basis. usually a new 58 is around 70, but they can go for less than 60. A few months ago I managed to get a new 58, a used ( but very good nick ) 57, and a new 57 beta for less than 100 inc p+p ! ..... Just keep checking, and if that lucky day arrives when the price is right ..... Pounce!

... Dont sweat if it takes a couple of weeks to arrive ... which it probably will unless you pay heaps to upgrade the shipping method.

... Also, be aware that there are fake Shure mics around .... you can find advice online re. how to spot fakes .... it only takes a few minutes to do the checks, and happy to say the ones I bought are the real deal!

.... So it is possible to get good mics cheapish .... just takes a bit of patience. Good luck!

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