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Drummer needed to replace ours in metal/hardcore/screamo


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This is the deal.. me n the guitarist have material written.. sounds rele good.. but our drummer fucks around and dusnt give a shit about puttin effort in.. so im lookin to get a new drummer in asap to get things moving along again

already have 2 guitarists, bass and vocals/screams.. material been written

so the foundations are there.

we are all in the ages of 18/19 or 20ish

so a drummer around the ages of 17 - 22ish wud be perfect like

we have our own practice room set up so practice when we want for how long we want.

Influences include..


Bullet for my valentine

a day to remember


circa survive

memphis may fire



escape the fate


if ur intrested then leave me a message and i will get back asap!


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