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For sale 1x Rob Brydon ticket [Stalls Row D]


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I bought myself a ticket to this, planning on going alone, then I found out one of my friends had a spare ticket (I was shocked that she was going as the whole reason I was going by myself was because I presumed no-one'd come with) so figured someone might benefit from it.

I'm not expecting a lot of demand for it though, seeing as it's one solitary seat, D24 I think. Unless you're the occupants of D20-23 and have been desperately trying to track D24 for your friend who said they didn't want a ticket but has since changed their mind (tsk, typical, eh?)...

Face value, of course, 19.25. Actually, sod it, I'm so bloody generous, we'll just call it 19.

Drop me a PM if you're interested.

OH! Also, anyone got a spare Dylan Moran ticket?

I thought I was gonna be in London when he was in Aberdeen, but realised I get home the day before he plays. By the time I noticed this, it'd sold out. Did anyone see him at the Arts Centre a few years back? That was a strange gig...

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you might want to check the music hal website as they are still showing tickets available for Dylan Moran

Really? I looked a couple days ago and it said they were all sold out...

Edit: "We are sorry but the specified performance has sold out." Buggernuggets.

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