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First of all if you've not seen our site yet (it's a music/arts/listings guide for Aberdeen) please have a click around at The Kiosque, Arts, Music, Film, Aberdeen

Secondly, thanks to all the promoters/bands who've been in touch with us so far.

If you've got a gig you'd like listed please email music@thekiosque.com with the details as I'm sure we're still missing a few things.

Any feedback is welcome

Thanks for your time.

The Kiosque

ps Mods, if you think this is in any way spammy please delete. We don't want to tread on any toes. Just trying to give music/arts etc in Aberdeen a bit of a boost.

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Shameless 2009 bump! :D

For anyone that hasn't seen the site yet: The Kiosque, Arts, Music, Film, Aberdeen

Any promoters that would like their gigs listed can email them to music@thekiosque.com, it increases your chances of getting a feature if you do!

Look out for a new section and some other improvements to the site soon

Cheers to all those who've been in touch so far and Happy New Year from yer super soaraway Kiosque :up:

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Don't know if anyone has checked it out yet but the new website is up and running now.

I think this is a great resource and I know a lot of people use it to decide what they are doing/seeing through the week, good work John.

If you haven't checked it out do it now, its great.

Shhhh! It's nae finished yet. Far from it. Heaps more to come!

Cheers though :laughing:

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