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Country or 80's band band!


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I've been here before - but here we go again!!

Anyone who wants to play in a country band please get in touch. Mainly retro country like Jim Reeves, Kris Kristofferson, and Glen Campbell.

If this band doesn't come off I'm happy to do an 80's band, covering Human League, Heaven 17, ABC, Culture Club, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Yazoo, etc. etc.

I'll play guitar. I need a vocalist, lead guitarist, drummer and keyboard player. I don't think gigs will be a problem, but then again!!!!

Any comments, good and bad, please let me know.



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Thanks for replying.

Scotland, I'm afraid I deleted your thread by accident whilst getting rid of all the c**p that was sitting there. Just reply here, it'll be easier.

I don't envisage this idea taking up too much time - I'm thinking of birthday party bookings, maybe village hall stuff etc. It'll obviously take a few months of rehearsals before anythings ready and we'd all have to agree on the set list - although I'm pretty east going there.

Still need a vocalist, I guess we could get by with two guitars, keyboard and drums.

Just really looking for something fun to do in my spare time.

Still interested, let me know.


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