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USB arcade sticks

Le Stu

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I've been looking for one for a while now, but the only PC joysticks I can find seem to be flight stick types and that's no use to me. What I need is a multi button microswitched jobbie with a nice big base so I can sit it on my lap and play MAME and Amiga games with.

Any tips? I'd be happy if there's a console stick and USB converter I can purchase. My current solution is a PS1 dual-shock pad and USB converter, which is good but not quite the same.

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If you're happy to use a console controller then the 360 pads are USB and work with windows.

Otherwise you need to source something like this:

Amazon.co.uk: Powerplay Competition Pro 5000 Joystick (PC): PC & Video Games

That would certainly be the tits for a mighty Lionheart session on the miggy emulator:up:

I do have a USB converter for playstation, and a PS1 pad, which is ace for SNES emulation as the layout is pretty much identical! An xbox 360 controller would be great for playing FPS stuff but the D Pad is absolutely shit:down:

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What price range are you looking at mate?

The first stick I'd point you toward is a Hori fighting stick ex2. Designed for xbox, and therefore works flawlessly with windows. It's the cheapest stick you will find that isn't a tacky bit of junk. It's a nice size, and is high quality for the price. The buttons are a little sticky for my taste, so i've swapped them out for some sanwas. But all in all, it's a great piece of kit.

Amazon.co.uk: Hori Officially Licensed Fighting Stick EX2 (Xbox 360): PC & Video Games

Problem is they can be a hassle to get hold of. And they are released in batch's from japan, so prices inflate steadily til the next batch is shipped and the price comes back down.

Don't pay more than 40 quid for one. And do keep checking ebay for them. A lot of people list them cheap not realising how much demand there is for them, so if you are quick you can swoop in and offer the seller 40 quid or so and hopefully that will seal it for you.

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