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d00ds need a Drummer and Vocalist


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Hey looking for a Drummer and vocalist (screams) who are committed, to join our band.

recently lost our drummer to musical differences (not on bad terms) and have recently swapped roles in the band to suit the sound we wanted......

We at the moment have 4 members of 2 guitarists, Synth player and a bassist

ages between 16 to 18

we are inspired by bands such as


The devil wears prada

A skylit drive


as well having all our own individual influences which vary

Practice times will be worked around when everyone can make it so it is flexible as long as its weekly

everyone in the band has had plenty experience gigging... which is not a problem if you haven't

if anyone in interested give us an email or add me on MSN at: Midwaystar@hotmail.co.uk


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