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Fender 62' Reissue Jaguar Sunburst for sale!


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What can i say? It breaks my heart to have to sell this beauty but i cannot afford to buy another guitar until i get rid of one, it would not be proper!

The Fender '62 Reissue Jaguar electric guitar is a classic Japanese made re-issue of the 1962 Jaguar model.

The guitar features include twin single coil pickups, tremolo system, multiple switching options. The Fender Jaguar also features a rosewood fingerboard, maple neck and dot markers.


I have done some repairs on this guitar, as it is quite old (about 9 years) particularly, replacing the volume pots, also i have had this guitar professionally set up recently so it plays amazingly.

The guitar is in next to perfect condition, with one little dink on the headstock that is so small, it won't show up in a photo. Also comes with a hardcase.

400 ONO, please PM me.



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