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Tupelo Town Assembly + Right Hand Left + The Little Kicks @ Cafe Drummonds

Steven Milne

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hey folks,

were putting on a random wee shindig at Cafe Drummonds this week.

This Friday night - 5th September - 9pm till 3am.

still got some bands to confirm and some pulled out (swines) so havent been able to put up till now...


really loving these guys work, wont say too much coz theyre hard to categorize but have a listen here....if you like good rock and roll with a hint of jon spencer blues, garage rock and tarantino soundtrackesque grimy jam outs!

MySpace.com - Tupelo Town Assembly - Aberdeen, UK - Blues / Alternative / Surf - www.myspace.com/tupelotownassembly

RIGHT HAND LEFT (accoustic)

two piece accoustic set from the local heroes, songs sound great pared down with harmonies and for fans of biffy clyro, idlewild, death cab...,

(oh and theyre using an omnichord too this week!)

MySpace.com - Right Hand Left - Aberdeen, UK - Rock / Pop / Powerpop - www.myspace.com/righthandleft

THE LITTLE KICKS (accoustic)

well be playing either as a two piece accoustic or me solo.

if its me solo, itll be new songs and some choice covers/ little kicks tracks.

MySpace.com - the little kicks - Aberdeen, UK - Indie / Pop / Rock - www.myspace.com/thelittlekicks

plus more tbc

bands 8pm till 12pm

DJs - 12pm till 3am

3 entry

come watch the bands then party after - well be djing till 3am to make a night of it!


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Acooooztic?! Steve, want to me to ask if Andy and Phil will turn down when they play... Cant see it like... Expect loud! Phils amp didn't need to go through the PA when we played Moshulu coupla weeks ago. He apologises wit a wry grin, he loves it really. Vintage gear with one setting!

Can we bring records to play Steve? CAN WE CAN WE CAN WE?

Looking forward to treading the Drummonds boards again:up:

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