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imp: Soy Un Caballo + Debutant @ The Beach Ballroom, 16th September


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as part of SEE, SALT AND SOUND festival, interesting music promotions present


Tuesday 16th September 2008

The Beach Ballroom (Reception Room), The Esplanade, Aberdeen, AB24 5NR. Phone 01224 647647

Doors 9.30pm

Entry 5





Take a Belgian couple who write and perform songs of exquisite fragility, record them in Brussels with an amazing line up of musicians such as Bonnie Prince Billy (Will Oldham), members of Raymondo and producer Sean OHagan (The High Llamas), and you have the duo Soy Un Caballo (Spanish for I am a horse).

Aurelie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom now release their debut album, titled Les Heures De Raison - you may have already caught a glimpse of them featured in Blogotheques Take Away Show, or maybe you heard Aurelies collaboration with Bright Eyes Conor Oberst.

"Call it global village music: on "La Chambre", Belgian boy/girl duo Soy un Caballo and Louisville's Will Oldham sing entirely in French over what is essentially indie-fied bossa nova. Backed by nothing but an acoustic guitar, a Rhodes piano and a brokedown rhythm preset, Oldham and Aurlie Muller sound weightless and content, their half-sighed verses resolving into sweet choral refrains. Of course, the language doesn't hurt either; it's downright charming to hear Oldham's woodsy Kentuckian palette wrap itself around a French lyric." (Pitchfork)

smooth harmonies and a smoother pop sensibilityas sophisticated as a Parisian boulevard as diffident as exhaled Gauloise smoke, as cool as Jean-Paul Satre and as romantic as the Left Bank." (The Wire)



Debutant is one man; a guitar; a capo; a reverb pedal; a delay pedal; a fantastic new loop pedal; and some songs about stuff. Its a project with a strong focus upon creating a lo-fi atmospheric sound to augment a sort of acoustic dream pop approach. Its ambient, minimal, delicate and simple.

Debutant's music ignores genres altogether, sounding something like what would happen if Mark Kozelek and Kevin Shields had an afternoon, a spare room and a multitude of ideas. Definitely worth checking out live" (is this music?)


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It'll be interesting to see how many people actually bother themselves to go to a venue out with the confines of the city centre.

Roll up, roll up folks.

It's always interesting to see how many people actually bother themselves to go to a venue within the confines of the city centre!

Get yersel's doon there. 10 mins from Castlegate!


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Guest idol_wild
Will Phillip be in his finest ballgown then ?

Ha, I was going to mention something along these lines as I wasn't sure if Graeme threw in the 'e' at the end purely because this is hosted in a ballroom!

I may wear a tux.

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