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Ruff N Ready Tour: w/ Sonic Boom 6 + JB Conspiracy + Chief + Chris Murray + Hijacks +


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What an amazing line-up. As far as punk gigs come, they don't get more varied or better than this...

GFN presents..

Sonic Boom Six (Rebel Alliance/Deck Cheese Records)

A Punk-Rock, Hip-Hop, Jump-Up Ska Soundclash from Manchester!

"One of the most exciting bands in the country, their brilliant fusion of punk, hip-hop and ska is never anything less than thrilling." NME SEPT 07

Ska-punk isn't dead, it's just got a whole lot better. KERRANG! MARCH 07

MySpace.com - SONIC BOOM SIX - Manchester, UK - Punk / Hip Hop / Reggae - www.myspace.com/sonicboomsix

The JB Conspiracy (Gravity Dip Records)

Triple Sax Ska Attack from Guildford!

MySpace.com - THE JB CONSPIRACY - Guildford, UK - Ska / Punk / Rock - www.myspace.com/thejbconspiracy

Chris Murray (Hellcat/Moonska/ Asian Man Records)

Traditional Ska from Canada, Chris has worked with the likes of Prince Buster, The Specials and Laurel Aitken amongst others and is an all-round great songwriter

MySpace.com - Chris Murray - LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Ska / Reggae / Acoustic - www.myspace.com/chrismurray

Chief (Household Name Records)

Fast, positive, melodic hardcore from Liverpool!

"They make the best music and have the most exciting and fun live sets. Politically-fuelled, incredibly energetic, raw, fast and loud -- all great foundations for a hardcore punk band; tie that in with Chief's formula and you have something very exciting on your hands." - Punknews.org

MySpace.com - CHIEF - LIVERPOOL, UK - Punk / Hardcore / Roots Music - www.myspace.com/chiefuk

Each of these touring artists is worth the ticket price alone and not only that but there will also be local support from dirty skanksters The Hijacks MySpace.com - The Hijacks - Aberdeen, UK - Ska / Punk - www.myspace.com/hijackska and melodic hardcore from Escape To Victory MySpace.com - Escape To Victory - Aberdeen, UK - Punk / Hardcore / Alternative - www.myspace.com/escapetovictoryuk

@ Cafe Drummonds, Belmont Street, Aberdeen

Tuesday 30th September 2008

6.30pm (early doors for the ammount of bands!)

Tickets 8 (+ booking fee - available in One-Up) or 10 on the door

14+ show

MySpace.com - GFN? Records - Aberdeen, UK - Punk / Hardcore / Ska - www.myspace.com/gfnrecords

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Here is what Sonic Boom Six say about the Ruff N Ready Tour on their website:

"As the more eagle-eyed amongst you may have garnered by now, the RUFF AND READY TOUR will be winging it's merry way across the UK this October. Once again we've moved heaven and earth (well, made some arrangements) to ensure that we're offering the best bang for your bullion and got three of the best underground acts coming along with us for a fortnight. Opening will be CHIEF from Liverpool. They play a suburb scouse blend of posi hardcore punk in the vein of Strike Anywhere, Propagandhi, Gorilla Biscuits and all that good stuff. After them will be JB CONSPIRACY who I'm sure many of you will be familiar with plying their ska punk rock trade. Fans of Howards Alias, Capdown, Mad Caddies will be suitably overjowed. And - the surprise international representation - Canada's acoustic ska king CHRIS MURRAY will be playing before the Boom. Expect some of the most soulful ska and reggae on the planet at a venue near(ish) you. Across the tour we've tried to visit some of the towns that we have missed over the last year. So, if for instance, you live in Manchester, then tough! Travel to Liverpool. Think about how often they have to do it the other way around... Anyway, come add yourself on the MYSPACE"

This is kind of make or break as far as booking shows like this go so if you want to see some more of the finest from the underground punk scene please come and show your support for this one!

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