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Electro Covers and Remixes


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Trying to gauge the interest in potentially setting up a shared myspace page for Aberdeen electronic artists and DJs (this is a fairly blurry line theses days) who have done covers or remixes. Might be a nice idea for people to see who is actually creating this type of music all the different styles out there. The idea is it would be for fun and for local networking, an easy way of maybe getting advice or ideas for production. I know I need this quite regularly!

The reason I thought covers as the content was that I've been trying to create some electro covers in between my own tunes over the last 9 months and was thinking of displaying them on a separate page to my original works. I think it's interesting to see how people interpret and translate music into styles they enjoy writing. I then thought that other folks making electronic music might have been doing the same thing.

I've already sent messages to some people that I already know create electronic music but I'm sure there are more out there. If you are interested leave a post PM or get in touch via my myspace MySpace.com - Fat Hand - The Ether, Rosemount, UK - Electronica / Experimental / Tropical - www.myspace.com/fathandof



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