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Chaos Promotions Presents: Ablach + Wifebeater + More TBC


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awesome. if you could be there for 6.30-6.45 that'd be ace. ill be at drummonds from 530, just come find me.

it's gonna be...



Red Mongoose (Solo Set)


We're fucking totally fucking completley fucking fucked

From one band to five. haha. All that for just 2.

Free Passes available from the Chaos Creations shop in the Aberdeen Market. Limited numbers left. These won't be available at the gig, only from the shop so get yours before we close at 5.30pm

Doors open 7pm. First band on at 7.15pm

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Guest Jake Wifebeater
Nah, the local WI got him probably.


Thought it was either feminists or the Gay Liberation Front, but nope.

A few folk have been asking, so just for the record, got the full story today. Everyone was standing outside the pub at closing time saying cheerio and all that when someone (big bastard by all accounts and not long out of jail) came up and swung one at me as hard as possible, for no fucking reason other than he wanted to cave somebody's face in, knocking 2 teeth out in one shot! Impressive, it must be said. A mate threw him off me and picked my sorry, out-cold arse up off the deck and half-carried me home.

Went to A+E the following day for x-rays, they came back fine so nothing major other than the teeth and some minor nerve damage, which will hopefully sort itself soon. Just don't expect any smiles for a long time, it's too fucking painful with a huge lump on the inside of your bottom lip...

Not :up:

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