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Palehorse - Habitual Linestepper


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Anyone heard the whole thing yet? Well, apparently it ain't out yet so unless you were at Seedi's last gig in london then probably not.

Based on the reviews and "We Cannot Love You" and the gig in Tunnels not too long ago, I will be ordering it.

MySpace.com - palehorse - London, UK - Experimental / Post punk / Punk - www.myspace.com/thispalehorse

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ok, so it's piqued my curiosity....what exactly did I do to be considered a cock (again). Have no fear of full disclosure of what you think of me, I'm a big boy and words don't hurt me.

...you know....much.

oh, and for something constructive and trivia related, Palehorse started before Million Dead, and one of our bassists did go on to play with me in the latter but isn't in it any more.

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