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Contact Martyn Booth - he designed them for yamaha and has a database of many users. He may be able to point you in the right direction.

I have a standard and a custom - the standard is definitely the one you should go for, without a shadow of a doubt - the best bits of a 335 and a Les Paul all in one.

The deluxe's trem is a monster but it has a lovely ebony neck. The custom's trem is ropey and the actives are somewhat sterile but the neck is to die for.

Forget your PRSs et al.

Tel/Fax 01787 370192


Hope this helps and good luck.


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Cheers Mac,

Thanks for replying. I've known Martyn Booth for over 20 years.

He's worked on a few of my guitars over that time, & in fact sold me one of the MSG's I currently own. I have three, but have owned eight, since they surfaced about 1988.

It would be great to meet & compare the models we have.

(Sorry if I sound like an anorak).

Do you play with a band?

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ah ha - Graham?

I play in Starsky (Globe this Sat) - we have met a few times over the last 20+ years but without ever having really spoken to each other! I used to come and watch you in your Bamboo days at Caesar's!

I have PM'd my home number.



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