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I'm with a smaller ISP called ADSL24, they do not throttle. Well worth the extra, I currently pay 19.99 a month and get a realy good service from them.

You can do a speedtest on your line on my website Aberdeen Computer Repair

Make sure you have your router plugged into the master socket in your house as this will speed up your connection!

Also if you have an older house remove the ring wire (orange) from the main socket as this can cause your connection to slow down to.

Apart from that change ISP as a lot of the bigger ones are now throlling utorrent and the like. YOu might also get a letter from them if you are breaking copyright.

Thats the good thing about ADSL 24, they are that small if you have a problem you can speak to someone in thier office as opposed to someone in India.

My 2 cents.. hope this helps. :gringo:

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