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Guitarist Available - Prog/Classic Rock


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I'm a guitarist of about 12 years looking to join a band in the Aberdeen area.. Main influences are:




Pink Floyd

Dream Theater

Porcupine Tree

Any classic/bluesy rock similar to Free/Bad company/Wishbone Ash/Grand Funk etc etc.. you name it I'll give it a go.. so long as its not shredding/screaming :up:

Had quite a bit of gigging experience with a rock band in the Newcastle/Sunderland area with Wild Rumours

Message me on here if you're interested

oh.. PS.. Have my own transport and gear that gets the job done 8-)


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I'd be interested. My band Nu Era are seeking a drummer and lead guitarist.

We have one song to date (hope you're a Dons fan) Nu Era <nuera2008>

We're based in the Bloo Toon! I have a couple new tunes writeen (not footie ones, don't worry), I'm very varied in styles, don't want to get caught up in genres. Want to try a bit of everything, blues, heavy, indie etc. Will be a rock band but you get my idea.

Our influences include AC/DC, Oasis, Stone Roses, Foo Fighters, Muse etc. I like a lot of varied music.

Our lead guitarist (who also provided drums for our only song to date) has had to quit because of other commitments. He was heavily influenced by Dream Theater and Pink Floyd (Petrucci is his idol).

Do you have the time to practice etc? How old are you? We're 20-21 years of age.

Let me know if you're interested and if you have any questions please ask

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thanks for getting back (so quick!)...

What happened to your drummer? I'd want to get off the ground gigging pretty quick.. :)

You got a list of songs/setlist pinned down? :)

PS I'm 22 and work full time, so weekends are best for me.. friday nights too as i would already be in town


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We have a bass player and singer (who also plays keyboard).

We have some covers lined up (Bet you look good on dancefloor, mr brightside, wonderwall etc).

I've written a couple of songs too, looking to get working on them as a band as soon as possible.

Not had the best of luck with drummers...

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I'd be interested in joining a band with you. I am a huge fan of Dream Theatre and like the other bands you mentioned too. Where are you based?

Been to see Dream Theater twice like. Newcastle and Glasgow both 2007. Our last guitarist introduced me to them, he could play a lot of their songs.

We're based in Peterhead if you're interested.

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If u need a drummer

If you need a drummer get in touch, got the gear, pa system mics, 8 years playing. To much influences to name started off with blink metallica slipknot beck the stone roses beatles rolling stones system of a down the used libertines glasvegas you name it i can crack it, i can do rock punk swing reggae ska metal jazz latin and more, i can blend well with musicians and produce what's needed. Got an ear for music and open for new directions in styles

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