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Space Echo Re-201,Analogue Synthesizers

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Hi all

Im revamping my studio..or rather selling almost everything too much work, not enough time and talentnew flat etc.etc. Im not in hurry with these babies so NO OFFERS and LOCAL PICK-UP ONLY. Im taking my shot before they will go on ebay in autumn.

1. Roland Space Echo RE-201 tape delay (350 ₤)

Well.. casing is tatty, I did my best to clean it but there is a lot of scratches on it. Front panel doesnt look so bad Ill make some pictures. When it arrived it was in really bad shape it took me awhile to clean it, get rid of wobbliness and tune it. At the moment it does self oscilate on every setting, there is almost no woblliness there is new tape and felt kit fitted in. Buyer will get spare tape, 2 felt kits and training how to maintain this baby. Some knobs need cleaning.

Not many synthheads around but it worth a try:

2. Technosaurus Microcon II analogue synthesizer (300 ₤)

One of the smallest midified analogue synthesizers with huge sound.

Welcome to Technosaurus

MICRO GROOVE (this one is Microcon I)

Bought in December 07 in Schneidersbuero, They are not produced any more so becoming rare. This bad boy is like new. Im first user.

3. MFB Synth II analogue synthesizer (260 ₤)

Classic I-Wanna-Be-Moog design (3 vcos+24db filter)

Unease - mfb-synth II analogue module synthesizer


+check youtube to find quite good demos

4. Waldorf Pulse (230 ₤) another wannabeMoog analogue synth


Waldorf Pulse: Harmony Central User Reviews

Unease - Waldorf Pulse analog synthesizer

5. Carlsbro Reverb Unit spring reverb (65 ₤)

6. Yamaha DD-55 with sticks, manual, both kick triggers (75 ₤)

If you have any questions, please, check google first maybe it has been answered. Im terribly busy at work so my answers will be delayed.

For really serious buyers I can organize some tests before you will pay me but you have to be prepared to pay again, sorry, have too much work.


Email: marcin(at)limecs.co.uk (work only)

miotk.m@gmail.com (evenings and weekends)

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