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The Black Tooth: What's Coming Up?

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As many of you are aware by now, The Black Tooth has now firmly established itself as one of Aberdeen's leading rock/alternative clubnights. Although experience tells us that mixing anything with the Fudge DJ's only leads to tears, hangovers and heartache, this time we're wrong.

Live bands to have graced the Black Tooth stage have included The Death Set (Ninja Tunes), Jackie Treehorn, Secta Rouge, the mighty Bloodnut, Battle to Exile, We Push Buttons and many other of our hard-rocking amigos. Throw in some burlesque from the lovely Daiquiri Dusk, DJ riffage from Brian and Craig, plus a tasty rocktail menu, and we got ourselves one hell of a hangover every Tuesday. Damn you Jager!

After the early morning headache subsides, we manage to put a little bit of a graft in and as a result we have the following for us all to look forward to:

Adam Bomb :: the return of the mightly Bloodnut :: Halloween Special (there's a budget of Hollywood blockbuster proportions for this one, so book Tuesday 28th off...no one's going anywhere) :: Alamos (probably) :: White Boys for Gay Jesus (Brian has a porno of the same name, that's why he booked them) :: Tabasco Fiasco :: Riot Riot...and more that we're working on.

Finally, many thanks to our sponsors and shoulders to cry on: Jagermeister, the Moorings Bar and Retro Rebels.

Our Myspace: Join us!

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