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JJ 10 Easy Wishes

I fear I may have completed the internet. AGAIN!

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So just throw some suggestions for sites at me. The last decent one I was shown was cracked.com, and the only ones I frequent are wwtdd.com and a football forum, and occasionally facebook.

I NEED MORE! Something that is funny with pictures, the onion has too much to read. Stuff like white ninja comics. You know better than I do!:gringo:

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Guest treader.

feeling fed up with the same old internet? it might be time for you to try other INTERNET FORUMS!!!!

popular topics include:

World of Warcraft

Cartoon Movies and if they are any good, and how 9 times out of 10, they arent.

Jack Bauer

Bass Fishing

And the possibility of a World of Warcraft movie and if it would potentially be any good.

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