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Basically i have a couple cheap copies sitting around not doing anything. One is the standard squire starter guitar, the one with a single humbucker. Then there's a LP cheapo copy.

I've always flirted with the idea of getting new bits for them, pickups and what-have-you. Y'know generally improving them. Anyone think it'd be worthwhile(like they'd be better), or would I be better saving up for something better?

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I'd do it as long as you're doing it for the right reasons - to gain experience in wiring up guitars and replacing hardware, to make a good working instrument.

Remember that you'll never get your money back on upgrades. Don't even think of doing it for profit. A Squier/Epiphone with fancy parts does not equal a Fender/Gibson, even if it might be sonically better, functionally better, better feeling or better playing. That's just the way things are - people are blind to everything but the name.

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Yep, good fun doing this.

I've been modding a Squier 51 for a while now, hoping to put a Bigsby on it this weekend for example.

Putting a Seymour Duncan into that Squier for example will make it sound much better. Or you could buy a Seymour Duncan P-Rails pickup and put in a push pull on the volume control so you have a humbucker and a P90.

But the pickup would probably be worth more than the guitar.

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